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Nutrition Researcher Cohort



The Nutrition Researcher Cohort (NRC) is a global cohort of researchers in nutrition and health sciences who gather self-assessment data on their lifestyle and their health. NRC gives YOU access to reliable information on YOUR personal health trajectory, and the effects of YOUR diet on YOUR personal health. Taken together, OUR data will provide a powerful and valuable open access resource that allows US to discover and publish new and important relationships between diet, lifestyle and health.

n250 study

Our first goal is to gather and validate self-assessment data from at least 250 scientists on OUR lifestyle, exposure to diets and dietary bioactives, levels of biomarkers of health and disease, as well as OUR genome, metabolome and microbiome. And each of YOU will be able to propose new studies based on OUR dataset, or employ OUR platform to validate new self-assessment methods across different countries.

Our Research

This is just one large proof-of-principle study to show that we can create a cohort, and create robust data, that are invaluable to anyone with an interest in diet and health. Our goal is to establish a nutrition-researcher cooperative where participants enter their personal health data, and collective datasets are exploited to calculate and visualise personal advice packages that empower participants to adapt a more healthy diet and lifestyle. In doing so, we contribute to a fundamental change in societal health and healthcare.

How to participate?


Do you want to have your metagenome sequenced? Are you interested in your plasma metabolites and want to participate in scientific research? You are willing to occasionally sample a small volume of blood, urine or feces, enter food-intake and simple metrics; then you’re in! In the NRC250 study, you are not just a test subject but you are also owner of your data!

Approximately 25 participants per country

The NRC250 protocol was submitted for approval in 10 European countries. From every country approximately 25 participants can join the study. On top of this page, in the announcement section you will find in which countries recruitment has started and which countries are about to start. However, if in your country recruitment has not started yet, you can already sign up for the NRC membership. As soon as enrollment starts you will be notified to register for the NRC250 study and give the corresponding specific study consent.

Be sure!

If you are about to register for the NRC, keep in mind that the NRC250 study requires an active participation! In addition to occasional do-it-yourself blood sampling, participants report their weight, height, food-intake, questionnaires, blood pressure, physical activity and more. Some of these measurements (metabolomics and metabolomics) are sponsored while some of them are at your own cost.

Participation will:

• Make you a member of a unique community
• Provide you with interesting and unique picture of your quantified self
• Give you access to analyses that are not available through regular healthcare
• Make you a contributor to a unique cohort dataset that can be used in many research projects that you will be able to select yourself


NRC250 Study

Informed Consent

Informed Consent


Data Sharing Policy

Data Sharing Policy


Personal Health Portal

Personal Health Portal



Nutritional Researcher Cohort

  • September 2013

    Pilot study

    September 2013 was the start of the Pilot Study during the NuGO week

  • May 2014

    Rome meeting

    May 2014, representatives of different universities, institutes and companies from more than 10 different countries met in Rome

  • November 2014

    Finnish MEC approval

    Finland was the first country that gained MEC approval of the NRC250 protocol

  • December 2014

    Start NRC250 study

    enrollment of the first participants into the NRC250 study

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National Contact Points

Please contact your NCP with questions regarding the NRC

Marjukka Kolehmainen

University Eastern Finland

Finland email

Christophe Matthys

University of Leuven

Belgium email

André Boorsma


The Netherlands email

Baukje de Roos

Newcastle University

United Kingdom email

Giuditta Perozzi


Italy email

Sandra Wallner

Med.Univ. Graz

Austria email

Miroslav Petr

Charles University Prague

Czech republic email

Cristina Andres-Lacueva

University of Barcelona

Spain email

Andre Mazur


France email

Lorraine Brennan

University College Dublin

Ireland email

Kurt Kedrich

Techn Univ Munchen


Lars Ove Dragsted

University of Copenhagen


Alexandra Schmid


Swiss email

If your country is not represented, please contact Ivana Bobeldijk-pastorova for more information

Management Board


Ben van Ommen


The Netherlands

Marjukka Kolehmainen

University Eastern Finland


Ivana Bobeldijk-Pastorova


The Netherlands

Baukje de Roos

Newcastle University

United Kingdom

André Boorsma


The Netherlands

Iris de Hoogh


The Netherlands